Phu Nhi fish sauce reaches gold quality products


On March 31, at the Vietnamese goods for the Benefit of Consumers&nbspProgram, organized by Institute of Economics and Culture (under the Ministry of Science and Technology), Phu Nhi – traditional fish sauce product of SASCO was honored by the list of Top 20 gold quality products with prestigious brands: Eurowindow, Daikin, Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest, …


From more than 200 records participating in the program, through surveys, field assessments and rigorous evaluation of the Selection Council, Phu Nhi fish sauce has met the criteria of the award for product quality, Community health care, competitiveness … The award is a firm commitment to product reputation, helping consumers identify and select safe, healthy products.

As a member brand of SASCO – for many years, Phu Nhi fish sauce has been favored by domestic consumers and export markets because of the traditional production process from 100% of Phu Quoc fresh anchovies, ensuring products. Delicious rich in natural protein.

Phu Nhi brand is guaranteed by prestigious certificates of quality; food safety: HACCP certification (system for identifying, assessing and controlling significant hazards to food safety); HALAL certification (products without substances banned under Islamic Law); Certification of geographical indications of Phu Quoc fish sauce ISO 9001: 2008; certification of safe food chains (granted by HCMC Department of Health) …

In addition to creating traditional spice products for family meals, Phu Nhi fish sauce is one of the products that SASCO has been devoted to building and developing to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese brands on the market, and preserving the culinary culture and craft villages of Vietnam’s long-standing fish sauce.