Nước mắm nhĩ khác nước mắm thông thường như thế nào?


Phu Quoc fish sauce is a type of fish sauce with very high protein, light sweet, straw yellow to pale yellow, clear and has a characteristic smell. High protein fish sauce is rarely sold on the market but is often used by bins to mix with other low-protein fish sauces to produce fish sauce products.

Phu Quoc fish sauce is a handmade, premium quality fish sauce. These drops are due to their high specific gravity as a result of the high protein settling at the bottom of the container and leaking out according to the permeation rule of the liquid, which is usually the best. The more fish sauce you get, the lower the protein level of the remaining fish sauce in the tank (or boiled) according to the principle of conservation … so manufacturers only save a little to use on their own or give away, the rest Usually returned to the container or jar before the harvest of the finished fish sauce, which is lower in protein due to its larger capacity. Because only the first juice, limited production, not as large as fish sauce made from distilled water 2nd, 3rd time …

In terms of quality, really pure fish sauce, high nutrition, rich taste of pure fish sauce. The fish sauce remains very benign. The fish sauce itself is a completely clean product, where only fish and salt (salt ratio 25-27%), an environment where no harmful bacteria exist.

Learn about the process of making fish sauce, in Phan Rang, people use the ratio of “3 fish to 1 salt”, ie for every 3 kg of fish, 1 kg of salt. Fish are packed in wooden boxes made of good wood (each can have up to 1 ton of fish), until 8 months later, people turn the faucet near the end of the barrel to fish out. Then they put the fish sauce back into the box and then wait for the sauce to come down, so on until the sauce is new. The total time takes about 15 months. When all the fish sauce is removed, continue to add salt water to get the second water called second fish sauce, doing so on the fourth turn, the fish will be inert, remove the corpse to fertilize the tree.

The higher the protein, the better the taste and the most delicious is the fish sauce. First: high protein will create a sweet taste of the fish sauce. Monday: High-protein fish sauce with very fragrant and very beautiful colors (especially in fish sauce), low-protein fish sauce is the second fish sauce extracted… so the flavor will decrease accordingly. Just like brewing wine or making coffee, the first water is the best, the next water is only rag.

When tasting the Phu Quoc high protein fish sauce and regular fish sauce. If not placed next to each other to compare, you will see the same fish sauce. High protein fish sauce just right into the mouth immediately see the aroma and salty, but after swallowing the sweetness is very rich, if the sauce touches the lips, then see pangolin. Meanwhile, regular fish sauce has a salty taste of salt water and a little sweet taste.

Talking about the advantages of Phu Quoc fish sauce, gourmets can tell right away: Use as a dipping sauce with boiled meat, boiled vegetables, steamed fish without any preparation, to keep the pure taste of the fish sauce and the original taste of dish.

Many long-term chefs said that to “keep their reputation”, they had to find “termites” to provide fish sauce to use when marinating meat and fish to make meat firm, creating a sweet taste (due to the natural protein in the fish sauce), preserves the freshness of food and the natural color of vegetables. As for the housewives, there is another secret for the pot of soup, the stir-fried dish is delicious, rich, that is when the northern pot comes out of the kitchen, just add 1-2 tablespoons of Phu Quoc fish sauce to receive see the deliciousness right away.