Phu Nhi fish sauce of Tan Son Nhat Airport Services Joint Stock Company – SASCO is produced by the method of long-standing traditional craft of Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc anchovy after being marinated with pure sea salt called chuop. SASCO is one of the manufacturers owning the highest number of wooden crates in Vietnam, so it is guaranteed to keep fish for 12-18 months. After the period of tempering the fish in a stable environment, the standard will produce a delicious Phu Nhi fish sauce that people often call it fish sauce. Atrial fish sauce is now drawn, bottled with the management and supervision throughout ensuring food safety and hygiene processes and absolutely do not use additives and preservatives. Thanks to that, the finished product of Phu Rai fish sauce has a moderate salty taste due to not mixed, rich in natural fish protein, and good for the health of users. Therefore, Phu Nhi fish sauce is the trusted product of families who care about safe food and delicate traditional fish sauce flavor.

certification achieved

(Certification of Phu Nhi fish sauce from 2000 – 2019

fish sauce production process


The process of producing delicious traditional fish sauce depends first on the selection of raw material.

Raw material of fish sauce only include fresh fish and sea salt. Almost any kind of fish can make fish sauce, but to produce fish sauce with sensory value, the highest quality and nutritional criteria can only be anchovy, white rice. Fish is caught in the right season, when the fish is mature, fat, to produce the highest protein fish sauce. The fresher the fish is, the less the trash fish will be, the bigger the fat will be in the clean and premium fish sauce.

Besides fresh anchovies, salt is also extremely important factor. Salt used for fish composting must be pure, highly crystalline, and low in impurities. Salt is stored for 12 months before keeping fish, to remove metal ions, causing adverse effects in fish sauce (acrid, bitter, hot neck).


First, the main material of fish sauce: anchovies must have just been caught and transferred to processing facilities. After that, fresh anchovies after being caught are mixed with salt according to the golden ratio of 3: 1 (3 tons of anchovies mixed with 1 ton of salt).

This golden ratio has been maintained in traditional Vietnamese fish sauce making villages, who insists that this is the most beautiful ratio to create the best fish sauce.

After mixing anchovies with salt, they will be put into a bucket, which is quite special when made of wood and wrapped around reinforced with big ropes created from rattan.

To ensure the process of producing clean fish sauce, people will coat a thick layer of salt on the fish and tuck the fish without adding any preservatives to the tank. Next, the fish will be incubated in these tanks for 12-15 months, then pulled out to mix. Time to ripen sauce depends a lot on the container, weather, fish or different processing techniques also have different ripening times.

extraction and filtering

After a period of 1 year with meticulous care, when the sauce is ripe, each drop of fish sauce will match amber color, have a nice aftertaste and soft aroma drawn meticulously from the Barrel to the System. Filter ensures to preserve the essence of fish sauce.

packaging and storage

Clean fish sauce must be packed in a factory with a closed process, compliance with regulations on food safety and hygiene. Products must comply with the labeling requirements. Fish sauce can be contained by many materials but the best, cleanest, safest must be packed in glass bottles. Glass bottle helps keep the best quality fish sauce and help consumers easily verify the sensory value of the fish sauce.